• Educating Urban & Rural population on hygienic way of living, cleaning & sanitation conditions wherever possible providing the infrastructure facilities.
  • Educating farmers in utilizing water resource & rain harvesting for better cultivation.
  • Educating economically poor children of rural & urban areas (both genders) to send their children’s for schooling.
  • Imparting knowledge on wealth creation by developing entrepreneur skills to establish cottage industries.
  • Conducting skill development programme for unemployed youth of urban & rural areas for better employability.
  • Educating people on the importance of patriotism, respecting everyone’s religion and to ensure communal co – existence.
  • Empowerment of women for gender equality and educating men and women on the importance of family planning.
  • Educating people through training programmes to giving up bad habits such as smoking, drinking, chewing tobacco, gambling etc.
  • Plantation of saplings to protect the Environment and following civic sense & traffic rules.
  • Continuously counseling the rural masses through workshops or retreats on being self-reliant. Thus reducing depends on Government assistance.
  • Educating the people on the importance of exercising their franchisees in election.
  • Conducting regular training for the development of physical & mental ability of the urban & rural masses through “Yoga classes”.


Use only as much water as you require.
Close the taps well after use.
While brushing your teeth do not leave the tap running,

tap Open it only when you require it.
See that there are no leaking taps,
Get a plumber to come in and seal all leaks.

Use a washing machine that does not consume too much water,
Dot not leave the taps running while washing dishes and clothes.

Install small shower heads to reduce the flow of the water.
Water in which the vegetables and fruits have been washed
can be used to water the flowers and ornamental potted plants.

At the end of the day if you have water left in your
Water bottles do not throw it away,
pour it over some plants.