India on the move is a socio – economic reforming movement an off shoot of VDM, an NGO without any profit motives, established two decades ago under the stewardship of Acharya Ajit with like-minded people from different walks of life. The basic philwosophy is to assist the overall development of India.

IOM is striving to bring change in the thinking of every Indian to make them responsible not only to their family and community but also to the nation at large. IOM emphasizes the old sayings that “do not provide free fish to the needy and make them lazy, instead teach them how to catch the fish, thereby making them self-reliant as well as responsible”.

Since independence, the citizens of our county got themselves into a situation where they started believing that it is the responsibility of the Government of India to fulfill all their basic needs. Otherwise this can easily be met through their personal efforts. Citizens of the country misunderstood the subsidies as a permanent affair. They failed to understand that subsidies are only a temporary assistance. Government on their part could not explain this effectively to the people who were beneficiaries.

No nation can develop depending only on the government support. The need of the hour is, every citizen should endeavor to become self sufficient. Self sufficiency is possible only with skill development in different trades. We as a nation need to re look at these areas where we lack skills among our rural as well as urban population. Past is gone but it has left us rich with few lessons to learn fast and move forward. Now the buzz word is commitment towards skill development.

Let us start with an illustration of a Corporate Executive who is being trained by his organization to improve his mental and physical ability named as personality development. Such well-trained individuals execute the organizations objectives successfully. But when you compare the society on the whole with corporate planning, no efforts are made to educate and train the physical and mental abilities of the masses on a regular basis. As long as this aspect is not taken care, the development of the nation cannot be achieved at a rapid pace. It is a mistaken notion that few intelligent individuals can make a nation of our size, responsible. This is what is happening since independence. We are always making policies for the external development of the masses, without improving their psyche as well as their skills. It is a well known fact that good thinking alone can lead to good work and pave way for a good deed.

IOM firmly believes that professionals from different fields need to contribute for the development of people of this country by sparing their valuable time for the development of its people. They should involve in training the people to develop them as good artisans for their better living. Thus pave the way for skill India.

We need to take up this cause as a national programme for at least two decades. This being the age of information; it will not be a difficult task to achieve.

IOM believes that a well trained child can build a great nation. The discipline that is not imparted to the child before he attains the age of 15 can hardly be expected to take the responsibility of nation at a later stage. Therefore, it will be advisable that the country looks at the child development programme through a different perspective.

The training that we impart to the soldier in the Army empowers him with dedication, discipline and patriotism which enable him to sacrifice his life for the nation. Thereby, compulsory training for three years at school level and two years at junior college level need be made mandatory. We can definitely find a great change in the overall growth of India.

Till now thousands of men, women and children from various parts of India who have associated as well as participated in the retreats are reaping the benefits of the retreats in their day to day life. IOM along with dedicated team has extensively worked in various parts of the country and at present concentrating in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana & Karnataka.

IOM’s does not stop here and continue their efforts by regular follow-ups and also acts as a catalyst between the financial assisting agencies and the beneficiaries in providing necessary support. In few emergency cases IOM provides direct financial assistance to the needy.


It is not so mucGreen Treeh for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon

Men’s hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality

of air that emanation from old trees, that so wonderfully

Changes and renews a weary spirit.

Trees are poems that earth writes upon the sky,

We cut them down and turn them into paper,

This we may record as out emptiness.

One tree provides enough oxygen for 5 people

Just 30 trees can absorb our full annual carbon production

Trees filter our water and soil, and fight erosion

They increase neighbourhood desirability & escalate property value up

To 20% can save energy and money for heating and cooling up to

15%. Trees are the oldest living organisms on earth so grow more trees.