Building the Nation

India has the highest population of youth compared to any other country in the world. It is placed on the record that 35 % of India’s population is among the age group of 15 to 39.

It is believed that 5 % of country’s human resource population will be the intellectual capital. That means as a country we will have more responsibility to develop our youth by providing them all the necessary knowledge inputs. So as to make them globally accepted intelligentsia. The best place to develop and provide necessary inputs to the youth of any country is through education. We in India have enough Universities, IIT’s IIM’s, business school’s which can impart education at par with international standard.

The youth of today have their dreams, their ambitions and their aspirations the job of the institute is to facilitate their dreams become a reality. Unless we have harvested the right dreams today we cannot reap the rewards of a bright future tomorrow. Today we should have one aim that is to empower the students with the required knowledge to suite global standards.

We need to continue our evolution into a center of Excellency through creative and innovative practices in teaching, learning, promoting academic achievements there by producing world class professionals who are psychologically strong and emotionally balanced imbued with social consciousness and ethical values. We need to focus on providing high quality academic programs, training activities and opportunities supported by continuous interaction between industry and education institutes. Our education methodology should move out from the existing pattern of class room teaching and less practical’s to more practical’s and supportive theories as it was done in the ancient days of educational institute, quote “Alpahari (eating adequate food), Gruhatyagi(away from home) , Swananidra (sleep like a dog) Bakodhyanam (concentrate like a crane) and Kagichestha(try try again as the crow does) ” the emphasis was more on exposing the student to every aspect of natural law of existence. In the present context, we may not be able to reproduce the ancient way of teaching but definitely we can correlate the present with the past and take the student to the future. Need of the hour is to drive our education institutes to encourage more and more students to do research, discover inbuilt talent, instill leadership, promote entrepreneurship and develop skills to suit different industries, thus paving way for better employability. This is the only mantras that will push economic and technological development of the nation and the world community at large.


Everyone is born in different environmental conditions as well as to different parents. None of us have any similarity, in our outlook, our behavior, our family, our financial conditions, our aspirations and our desires.

We are created by the supreme nature with different capabilities and for different purpose. Accordingly, we are provided suitable body structure, its color and intellectualities. No two persons are alike. We are all born to deal with different tasks in our life for which nature has provided abundant intellectual resources. One need not regret having born in poor economical conditions or in tough environmental conditions. Everyone has ‘Dreams’ and seriously looking for time and opportunity to convert the Dreams in to reality. But many of us do not know how to go about it. Very few people know what exactly they want from their life. Without such direction our lives are less exciting, less fulfilling and less successful.


Something is born from nothing and from something everything comes. Only those who can see the invisible can accomplish the impossible. Confidence is in believing what you do not see; the reward of confidence is to see what you believe.

Once must clearly see a thing in the mind before one can do it. People who could dream big are the one who converted the dreams into reality. First step towards realization of dream is visualization – second step is to create a personal mission statement. Personal mission statement is really about whom you are and what you believe in.


The issue is never lack of potential, but lack of direction. Goals provide that, Gross human potential is diluted when they do not know what to do with their potential. If there is power in our tomorrow there will be strength in our today. Powerful tomorrow is created by the power of the goals we set today.


Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high nothing stops man from reaching his goal. Fear stops man from the possibilities of greatness more than any other single factor. Understand the device of fear. It is not because we fear we avoid things, but it is because we avoid things it becomes fear. That which we do not face controls us and that which controls us causes fear. Repeatedly face what we fear and fear will be defeated.


Choices are born out of human intelligence and consequences are born out of wisdom. We do not get in life what we desire; we only get what we deserve. When desires are backed with consistent self-motivated efforts they automatically become deserving.


The antidote for all the confusion in life is gratitude, for gratitude and confusion can’t coexist! Be grateful that we do not already have everything we desire. If we did, what is there to look forward too? Gratitude is the best attitude.


Consistency is hallmark of greatness. We will not be remembered for what we do and did once in a way but for what we do and did all the time. Does not matter whether the act is small or big but engage oneself in it. Practice with regulation every day, this consistency will put the required fire inside to have forward movement.


When we live out of our past and in the future, we live our life out of our abilities. Our personal inadequacies affect us. However, when we live in the present continuous, we live out of life’s capability, for life itself expresses through us. We live a life transcendental of our personal inadequacies. The present moment is all we will ever have.


Today’s success and today’s failure is just another step in the long journey called life. Success is failure surmounted, failure is success belated. Success and failures are both needed navigators of life, then why success is always glorified? Success is a proof that the process was right. Success is evidence that the resource invested in the process has been judiciously used. Success is a discovery of a formula that overcomes the failure. Success is glorified because it raises the expectations and challenges the potential within you. Failure is not final; Success is not permanent, constant efforts lead to success.


Our most precious sense is “mind set”. This is our capacity to envision life in the most satisfying form. But mind set is much more than just mentally seeing out life at its best. It is an attitude and a plan of action. It is a dream and the ability to make the dream come true.

Fortunes are made in people’s minds. Out mind is the ultimate personal computer and we are its programmes. We can instruct our mind to select the right job opportunity right investment or to choose the mate. You can program your mind to deal effectively with people to exercise influence, and to acquire wealth.

Over a time each one of us becomes exactly what we program our minds to be. A prosperous person programs prosperous thinking into his or her mind.


Character is who we are.Reputation is what others think of us. If we take care of out character, out reputation will take care o itself. Character is the man. Reputation is the shadow. Every time we catch the shadow whenever the man moves, we will lose out grip on the shadow. Better catch the man and we will automatically have the grip on shadow.

Character is the cause and reputation is the effect. When we work on the cause, we are already working on the effect. Enhance the cause, effect gets enhanced. It Enhance our character automatically and simultaneously reputation also gets enhanced.

Reputation that is born out of character is sustained even during changing times. All the famous people focused on what they thought of themselves, they worked on what they believed were their strengths; they built their character, which in turn brought all the necessary reputation to their feet.

Do not bother what world thinks of us, that is not our business. We just need to go about our business knowing very well in our heart of hearts, that the loudest way to tell the world to SHUT UP is to produce results. Take back the keys of our life from the world. We have come to this world to live as we ought to be not as the world wants us to be.

Days of studies offer an opportunity to learn and it also provides with an unlimited challenge to dig hidden talent and unfold the same to the world. Once a student understand his hidden talent the days of success and growth is not far away. Once should not lose a single iota of time and regret later in life. Let us clearly understand that “time and tide waits for none” the days of studies for a student is the most valuable time of his life therefore it should be utilized to the best of one’s ability.

The relationship between the teacher and every seeker of knowledge is one that is between sculptor and the stone block. One day a man asked a sculptor: how do you make such beautiful idols from stone? The sculptor replied: idols and images are already hidden in the stone, I just removed the unwanted stones and the beautiful idol has automatically emerged out of it.

Similarly every human has something special & different hidden in him. A thirteenth Century poem inspires everyone to know his potential.

You were born with potential.
You were born with goodness and trust.
You were born with ideals and dreams.
You were born with greatness.

There is a hidden dormant energy in each and every individual. This energy requires sufficient sculpturing and necessary molding to make it work in unearthing the hidden potential in each and every individual. And the job of education system is to support everyone’s endeavor for acquisition of knowledge.

One need to focus on the subject they are taught in the classroom in fact one should enjoy every bit of learning as one enjoys the melodious voice of Nightingale. Do not bother about the results one may be getting during your periodical reviews, but learn to dedicate self to the process of acquisition of knowledge. Let all the result that comes your way, feed your way of sense of responsibility and not sense of your recognition identify your self with the cause and never with the applause.

In every walk of life may it be academics, sports, politics, industry etc. every day we wake up to read about the rise and the fall of another from the iconic status. Every individual’s sincere efforts determination and perseverance gives him an iconic status. The most important tool that takes you to the iconic status is utilization of 100% of your available time to learn.

We are here on planet earth for a good cause let us full fill all our aspiration, individual dreams, understand that every achievement is possible provided we have armed ourselves with the requisite knowledge and the supporting skill.

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  • Turn off lights when you leave the room.
  • Turn of other electric things when not in use.
  • Use rechargeable batteries.
  • Reduce use of Air-Condition.
  • Whenever possible, use public transportation.
  • Whenever you want to cut a tree, Plant one tree first.